February 11, 2007 at 9:59 am

posted by Ali
“I hate it when doctors make me feel small because they THINK I know nothing and that they are superior. I hate if that they dont even listen to what I have to say and are so ready to dismiss what I do say.”

I have been educated so much by you, it’s hard to believe a doctor or therapist would not just listen with intent of grabbing knowledge. I’m reading with that intent, but I guess I have the dumbass factor in my head because I know there is knowledge for me and I am uneducated about GBS other than my own symptoms and pains. THANK YOU.:)


October 13, 2006 at 10:57 am

What a nightmare this has turned in to… I saw my doctor yesterday and he agreed that Cymbalta has apparently ‘turned on me’ as it is no longer helping in fact it is actually hurting me now. He reduced me to 30 mg. for 5 days and then I am switching back to 20 mg. of Paxil and 25 mg. of amitrtyptiline. Actually I start the amitryptiline today.

Even with the reduced 30 mg. dose in me now, my jaw and neck are starting to tighten up something horrible (here comes more xanax), and my knee is hurting horribly which the doctor said is just all part of the neuropathy. He offered me pain meds for my knee, but I said no as I am taking enough meds and don’t want anymore. So I have a bandage thing on my knee, but if I take a wrong step I have major pain.

Hopefully, within a week or so I can start seeing some changes and will get better. I am still amazed work has put up with me as I took off yesterday to rest and go to doctor. And I am looking forward to another therapy visit (mental) to keep working on my issues in life/death. Today is my oldest sister’s birthday and the rest of us girls follow this month. Really a drag for a birthday time – just makes me miss my parents even more.

Thanks for listening.