venting and very angry

October 13, 2006 at 12:09 am

Dear Natalie, you are a very strong person to have gone through so much anquish at such a young age and then to find out something could have been done in place of all the h–l you suffered. I admire your courage and my heart goes out to you. I also had a very bad experience with a doctor at Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC. which I am paying for today with deformity and suffering. It was related to my myasthenia gravis in 1998. My GBS was dz May 2005. I have learned to question doctors. I was very depressed after the MG misinformation, I cried every night when I was released from the hospital (3wks intubated in ICU) thinking about it didn’t have to be that way. It was awful and the worse part was it could have been prevented if my doctor had not misinformed me. He put me, like you, on very high doses of prednisone, imuran and mestinon. The prednisone “crushed” the bone fusion for laminectomy (I had spinal stenosis and scoliosis) and also got to my hip(had to have total hip replacement) and eyes(cataracts).It makes me so mad!!!

Now I’m crying and mad about what happened to you. There is no comparison to what you went through. You are so young. We have to go on. As others in this group have said it is good to vent your feelings. In my case I was told to forget what happened and don’t dwell on it, which I was doing.

Hugs, Peg