vagus nerve reflex

April 19, 2007 at 1:04 pm

I am so sorry that you are having to expereince what is considered a very rare reflex, this is the nerve that controls your bowels bladder and sexual function. You may feel a sense of loss of consciousness this is because of a drop in blood preasure, it may also include symtoms of a chill like feeling inside your body this is followed with a relaxation of the nerve reflex increasing the blood flow hence increasing your heart rate and bp warming up your body as blood flows as before. This is is definitely an autonomic dysfunction and I have been expereincing this undiagnosed for over 2 years. The things that have helped is that I make sure to eat yogurt with every meal, I have become a vegetarian and try and eat foods that dont tax my digestive system. I have an acute form “bells palsy of the gi tract” this is a unique manifestation of Lyme’s disease of the gut. Despite hevy doses of ivy antibiotics and oral antibiotics this is yet my most perpelxing symptom and i continuously expereince these strange symptoms. Please make sure you take citrucel with each meal, a cup of plain yogurt or the new activa stuff by dannon try and avoid sugars, white flour, starch, processed foods and talk to your doctor for a prescription for lactulose or miralax to keep your bowels moving. You may expereince these symptoms even when emptying your bladder as the autonomic expression of CIDP causes a neurogenic bladder as well as bowels. Good luck and hang in there.