Urologists for nate

September 6, 2007 at 2:24 pm

We will be going to UCSanDiego Medical Center to see the same urologist we saw about 6 weeks ago for follow up on how Nate’s bladder is doing.
His doc seeing him in the hospital says the lack of sensation in his bladder is from the nerve damage GBS did. It may not ever come back. Hopefully it will in time.
I wonder sometimes if nate will ever be ok again but I have to keep hoping to help him and the rest of us not lose hope.
Your FIL is going to heal according to how fast his nerves regrow myelin and how well is muscles respond after that.
How long it will take is anyone’s guess. Its a long way back no matter how long it takes. Keep encouraging him and tell him about our successes here.
Trudy, natesmom