Urgently requesting prayer

March 11, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Today I called the landlord, explained my health issues again, and asked for an exemption regarding the renovations.
For 13 years I’ve been an exemplary tenant here, but now all of a sudden they are raising the isssue of re-housing me. The truth is on my side, and I am fighting with everything I can think of to keep my unit, so I can hang on to what health I still have, and continue to earn my living. They know I will never qualify for a disability since I can still teach beginners music (5 students). I just want to stay put, and be left alone, and not impacted worse than ever by their dangerous and toxic renovations.

They’re holding off, for now. But sent the superintendent over this AM to snow-job me. Wouldn’t listen to a thing I said. I just kept repeating myself to him, till suddenly my highbloodpressure got the best of me, and I collapsed in a chair, shaking with violent tremors from head to toe and angina pain in my chest. He just ignored it and kept on talking. What a horrible ordeal; no honesty and integrity in these departments, just rush a project through for the funding they get, no regard for the well-being of the tenants.

Please pray for me, my friends.