Update reply

May 11, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Hi Jessicah-

I had a temporary part time job (20 hours per week) to see my progress towards working full time down the road again (The HR Director told my wife & I that my job will be there if I can prove that working 40 hours per week will be no problem). Now The HR Director is stating that it took too long for me to come back and the job was offered to the other employee full time. There was actually no talk of a time table. Just trying to figure out if the HR Director went back on their word). There is no extra budget for two full time supply clerks at this time. I’m trying to get the seniority rule intact. I hoping that my company will reinstate my 40 hours per week and give the other employee 30 hours per week. Confusing but got to continue chugging along.
Appreciate your feedback. Take care :0)