Update on visit to Haematologist today

May 19, 2009 at 9:32 pm

Rituxan seems to be working for me in the treatment of IgM MGUS (variant of CIDP).
Today my haematologist advised that the trivial spike in the gamma region revealed in the Protein Electrophoresis prior to Rituxan treatment had disappeared and PE now shows diffuse gamma region. On this basis he feels that for now no further Rituxan treatments should be administered at least until such time as the neuropathy reoccurs and/or there is a trivial spike in the gamma region again.
I am not sure whether this means the rogue B-cells have been eliminated or not. The last anti-MAG reading of 19,000 BTU versus pre-Rituxan of 52,000 BTU could perhaps represent the decline as the anti-MAG cells die in accordance with their half-life. Maybe another test of anti-MAG levels would help to answer this, but at $800 per test, I think that I may have to wait a while before I can convince them that another test is needed.
Follow-up at this stage is another Protein Electrophoresis in 6 months time.
Meanwhile, things are stable. It is hard to tell if they are improving or not.
I am very happy about the progress thanks to Rituxan and the excellent professional care and consultation I’ve received.