update on pt

July 24, 2009 at 9:40 pm

well as of now i only wear one afo on the left side. tried to get rid of it but the ankle is to weak. My therapist (a new one) and i discussed it and we are going to work with the afo on. she still manipulates my feet with it off and i do standing but beyond that we put it back on. I have had to quit driving my CIDP(gbs now cidp) has me numb again from the chin down. not receiving treatment as of yet. Seeing a new neuro and he did an mri of my brain. everything looked fine. going to a sleep study neuro thinks part of my problem is sleep apnea. ???? not sure???? i know i have sleep apnea but numbness and tingling come on. As symptoms progress it frustrates me and my family. I hjave posted else where but thought i would update an old thread. still going to lunch with my new friend. she is very patient and understanding. Now she picks me up since i cant drive. It has turned out nicely that she has only known me with gbs/cidp. she is much more understanding than my family (explanation is other posts other threads). she puts no expectations on me but to enjoy the lunch or occasional movie. I also went out tonight with a friend i met while in the pyschiatric floor of the hospital. she understands the mental aspect of my issues. and is also patient with me with my physicalissues. she even picked me up. she doesnt drive much and coming to get me was propablya 30 mile round trip drive. But i am having some issues right now and she wanted to help me get away from everyday problems at least for a few hours anyway.JOJO