Update on Natalie and her Brain Tumors

December 7, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Hello All:

Natalie’s surgery became a very difficult procedure and was much more involved than we were told it was to be. The tumor in the pituitary gland was sitting directly on her optic nerves and on her corotoid arteries. Consequently they could only remove the inside of the tumor. What should have been a 2 hr procedure turned into 6 agonizing hours. Of course I was constantly worried about the possibility of her GBS returning after undergoing such an invasive, intense procedure.

After a six day stay in the hospital, we finally were able to go home. She had to undergo Gamma Knife radiation and that made her feel extremely tired.

She started UC Irvine on time and has since become eligible for 2 additional scholarships and has received her schools endorsement to be nominated for Glamour magazine’s top 10 college women of the US. She is a teacher’s aid for high school students, received a grant to be a research assistant and is interning for an extremely famous photographer in Hollywood. Oh and has also added a second major. Her desire in life is to help children who have undergone emotionally difficult situations through Psychology and art.

Of course, her eyesite is still effected (brain tumor and MFS) so I get to drive her from Irvine to Hollywood and back again 2 x’s per week, but am happy to as we get that time in the car, just the two of us to talk. I am so incredibly proud of her accomplishments and look forward to all of her successes.

Thanks for everything and all of your good wishes.