Update on my family! Been a few rough days

November 17, 2008 at 7:07 pm

Sorry I have not been online much! These past two days have been hectic. We got up Sunday morning and went into Kenly to go see my daughters home and get measurements of her windows and see if there was other damage that my daughter’s husband could not see. Andy since he has had experience in building wanted to look at everything really good so they can show it to the insurance adjuster. So far the only damage we saw to my daughters house was her windows. And my other daughters home we had to saw a tree down. Her house was spared and okay!
I am keeping the babies until my daughter gets those window’s fixed and tonight my two daughters with Chris left over to Cheri’s house and are staying there so they won’t be driving to far to work.
The babies! You won’t be getting them out of my house anytime soon. On the way to Kenly yesterday both of them started screaming and freaking out.
I had to hold them both the entire time assuring them they were going to be okay, that the big bad wolf had run off and got buck shot in his tail because angry grandma went after that wolf and beat him up! LOL! What a grandparent will say to calm children down! ๐Ÿ˜€
The devastation was horrible. I don’t see how some people even survived it! Some houses were gone! Totally gone! Alot of house’s gone. There were alot of lucky people that morning to have survived something that bad.
We left and went to Lowes yesterday and part of my lottery winnings bought my daughter her windows. They are having Lowes coming in next Tuesday and have then installed. I guess there was a reason why I won that money. She had 8 windows in her house and 5 shattered the glass when the storm hit them. Those 5 windows ended up costing 2 thousand dollars. Whew! Thank-god her window’s in that home aren’t large ones. Then we stopped by the Church that is handling Red Cross relief and I gave them $500.00 to help out others. My daughter is going to pay me back when the insurance company gets things going. But it may be a few months before she even see’s a check and they need their home. So I went ahead and bought the windows for her.
My two grandbabies! It’s not funny but it’s the way the one said something. We got back home yesterday and Hana the youngest one comes into my lap and put her arms around me wanting some loving. She suddenly looks at me with this real concerned look and say’s “Nana! Me don’t wonts to go wivs in dat town! Me don’t wikes dat town no mower! ROFL! ๐Ÿ˜€ Then my other grand-daughter looks at Hana and tells her that Nana is now letting them live here
and we no longer have to see that town ever again! Ohh dear! LOL!
My daughter is going to have one heck of a time getting these two children back in that town. Unless they forget what happened and I don’t think they are going to forget that!
Other than being a little tired we seem to be okay right now and that is all that matters.
Ohh Norb! Kenly and my area are about 1 hour away from Raleigh. Our local News Channel is WRAL though! Any bads news happens in my area and WRAL covers it. I live close to Wilson, NC. Only 3 miles from Wilson, NC. I live out in the country of Wilson. In Nash County, but cross one street and then I am in Wilson County. Well I better get offline. Andy and the babies are watching a Cartoon movie but it’s amost over with. Then it’s bath time and bed!
Everybody have a good night! Hugs
Linda H