Update From Me After Four Weeks

April 8, 2007 at 11:28 am

Thank you for all you answers and prayers!

[B]Jfitzen[/B], your prayers including my husband and doctor really touched me.

[B]Sue[/B], your numbers do not sound so good, I don’t know why the doctors cannot see it. To me you should be on trial meds, and I hope that you are by now.

[B]Ali[/B], you asked how long it will take for the full effect to be seen. Most of the persons on different thyroid forums say that they begin to feel something by 6-8 weeks, but full effect is 6 months to 1 year.

[B]Zipzip[/B], I hope that you too have been able to go on trial meds. I myself am not inclined to take any other meds than the ones appropriate, so I am reluctant to try antidepressants, concerta for cognitive issues or aldactone for balance.

[B]Angel2ndclass[/B], I am trying Eltroxin T4 meds. Most of the people I have meet online are on approx. 200-250 mikrograms doses, and they say the optimal is to get a TSH in this range 0.3-1.0, but that each individual has to discover their own optimal range. I hope that your symptoms have improved.


[B]Good news[/B]: my stomach is working again, my balance is significantly getting better – notised by others, my walk has improved – I walk just a little faster than the usual snail pace, but I am a long way from walking as usual. I am getting better at talking, carrying, doing things for longer periods than before. Like GBS = getting better slowly.

[B]Bad news[/B]: (or good as you will): I have discovered that my vitamine B12 level is very low and might give me the parastesia and pain and other things. B12 is down to 209 (200-9999). Some say that B12 can give symptoms before it goes below level, and that B12 should be over 380 or even 500 in order to feel better. Now I have to find out whether B12 supplement orally helps or whether I will have to get injections.

I think that I should be checked for adrenal problems as well, but it might be difficult to convince the doctor, and I am still waiting to be called to hospital again, so I still don’t know whether the endo will agree to treat me or not.

This was my news for now, take care, all of you, and thank so much for being there and for prayers.

Love to all of you!