Update & Some Great News!

June 11, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Well, I just got back home last night after spending the past 4 days in the hospital… I had called my neuro this past Saturday morning, and told her that I was so weak that I could barely move my bedsheets. She arranged for a direct admission into a room at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC. We received a phone call at 9:00PM that evening saying that a room had become available, so we my wife helped me get dressed and out the door… which took 1hour and 45 minutes to accomplish!

I was in the room by 12:30AM Sunday morning.

I received my first dose of I.V.I.G. almost immediately, and a 2nd dose the following day, Monday. (WOW! I had such a pounding migraine headache after receiving that 2nd dose! 😮 Usually that’s an indication that the I.V.I.G. was pumped in too fast, but I really think it’s that I received such a large dose in such a short period of time).

On Tuesday, the P.T. was walking me in the hallway to go to the P.T. Lab and I took a nasty tumble right at the nurse’s station. I injured my foot pretty badly, as I went right over the top of my toes, onto my knees, and then face first onto the floor. (X-rays were negative though). They had to use some sort of specialized hydraulic lift to get me up off of the floor and back into bed.

That wasn’t the most humiliating experience though… that honor was reserved for my being unable to lift myself up off of the commode. They had to use a different hydraulic lifting device to bring me up onto my feet.

I’m using a walker at home now, but my neuro assures me that I’ll be walking normally again soon enough.

So, that’s the update. Now for the great news… While I was in the hospital I contacted my insurance company as I needed a Denial Letter from them in order to obtain a corporate donation of I.V.I.G. I explained the situation, and the insurance company representative said she’d check into it and call me back. She returned the call 2 hours later and said that they had thoroughly reviewed my case, AND HAVE DECIDED TO REVERSE THEIR POSITION!!! THEY’RE GOING TO PAY [U]ALL[/U] [U]CLAIMS[/U] GOING BACK TO WHEN COVERAGE BEGAN LAST JANUARY 1ST! PLUS… GOING FORWARD I CAN RECEIVE THE INFUSIONS OF I.V.I.G. THAT I SO DESPERATELY NEED!


Remembering to pay it forward,

Kevin (a.k.a. KHS730)