Update after 3rd Infusion

March 16, 2009 at 3:48 pm

Howdy All,

I had a three month post follow up after my 3rd set of treatments. Both the doctor and myself are pretty pleased. So far I regained the toe ups, heal walking, some stamena and my hands are normal. still have sensory damage in both feet but getting better. Random spike pains in my hamstring (RH).
Still can’t run but for a few feet. So far, really happy. the headaches post treatment are getting better as most of you have indicated. the Doc is swithing to 85 grms every two weeks instead of 170 a month, b/c the aching returns after week three but I don’t really lose strength. He said if schedule allows in keeps things smoother.

I get these spotted red eczema or buttons but he said thats normal and that IVIG make them blossom so to say. So far So good! I havn’t posted much lately but have been reading. I Hope everyone is as well as can be.–tim–
Take Care Everyone. Summer is about Here and I am Glad Winter in about behind.