Update 7/6/10

July 6, 2010 at 6:53 am

I had a PE on Friday 7/2; 5 weeks, woo hoo! The congestion is almost completely gone now too. That cold really impacted me. My next PE is scheduled for this coming Friday 7/9.

A curious thing happened during my PE last Friday. The “access” needle had been removed and I was in the “rinse back” phase which usually goes without issue, but the PE machine kept going into alarm. The nurse tried to adjust my wrist (the return was immediately above my right wrist) thinking the bend in my wrist was blocking the flow. But it didn’t help. The nurse looked at the return line and looking at what I guess is a filter of some sort said “that looks like a little clot, so I think we’ll just stop it there”.

I thought nothing of it, but I was much more fatigued in general this last weekend, but especially in the shoulders. Mowing the lawn exhausted me to the point I didn’t think I would be able to finish.

Yesterday, after working out at the gym, I remembered something someone told me about the “rinse back” phase of a PE; that during the “rinse back” red cells are returned. I wonder if stopping the PE during the “rinse back” didn’t replenish the red cells completely and that’s what exasterbated the fatigue?

I’m going to ask the hospital staff and my neurologist this coming Friday.

I do have an appointment with my neurologist this coming Friday. I’m looking forward to the appointment (except for that test where the bottom of my foot is raked with the sharp pointy thing … I hate that one).

Well, hope you all have a blessed week,