Update 7/15/2010

July 16, 2010 at 10:17 am

Thank you Mark. You are an amazing source of information and encouragement. I felt better rather quickly after my last post. I did talk to the folks at the blood center about the rinse back during my last PE last Friday. They guessed between 200 and 400 ml which they said could be significant since I’m borderline anemic normally.

I went to see a young lady with GBS in the hospital yesterday (even though my neuro says I shouldn’t frequent hospitals because of the diseases people have in hospitals are the ones CIDPers don’t want to catch). My heart is to encourage and enlighten people who are suffering from GBS/CIDP. She ended up encouraging me perhaps more than I encouraged her.

The CIDP is flaring up again this morning (prune fingers, tingling, numbness, … you know the drill). I have been exercising regularly, but haven’t been keeping up with the physical therapy exercises that helped so much in my recovery. So I did my PT exercises last night and discovered how amazingly quickly we lose muscle tone if we don’t continually exercise. I need to remember to keep up my PT exercises regularly.

I’m thinking of trying to extend my PE’s out to 7 weeks again. I really think I could have this last round without major consequences. So I would covet you prayers for wisdom/discernment as I consider this.