Update 6/24/2010

June 24, 2010 at 7:09 am

I’ve been battling a cold since last Thursday 6/17. It’s really pulled me down. Coughing, congestion, flu like symptoms, … you’ve got the picture. And (of course) my immune system kicked into high gear and thus CIDP went nuts.

I was invited to a membership drive dinner for an organization that distributes Bibles Monday 6/21. I could hear coughing and sneezing from 2-3 folks as I entered the conference room. I was shown to my seat and (wouldn’t you know it) I was sat down right next to a fellow who was literally dripping (and spraying as he sneezed and coughed) with infection. Not wanting to be rude, I accepted the seat and the evening wore on …

I think I’m finally on the mends, but the fatigue, numbness and prune fingers are very pronounced and my right leg’s motor function doesn’t quite feel “right” again. I lifted weights yesterday (upper body only), but haven’t done any cardio vascular in over a week. I hope I can get back to the gym soon, but my parents are coming down for a visit and entertaining may exclude the work out routine.

We went to see our youngest son and daughter-in-law last Friday. We ate lunch Friday at an outdoor open air restaurant at a nearby lake. It was 95 degrees F and with my cold, the heat and CIDP, I thought a couple of times that I was going to pass out. I drank a lot of iced tea and stayed in the shade and recovered enough for me to get back to the car and air conditioning. We went to a wedding for my pastor’s daughter Sunday evening. It was a location wedding on a lake in the piney woods of Texas. 95 degrees F again and it was an outdoors wedding in the full sun. I wore slacks, a long sleeve shirt and took my sport coat (but it never touched my body!). All in all the heat combined with my cold seemed to really drag me down all weekend.

I’m due for another PE Friday July 2nd, which will be 5 weeks since my last PE. I’m hopeful I can hold out until then.

Well, here’s to hope that a cure for CIDP/GBS can be found … cheers!