Update 6/1/11

June 1, 2011 at 7:54 pm

My PE last Friday went well. I was on the new machine and the PE lasted right at an hour (new record for me). I didn’t experience any adverse effects either. My shoulder pain is almost gone. I decreased my upper body weights and increased the reps dramatically; consequently my bursitis has almost cleared and I’ve maintained or increased my muscle tone and strength. I still have a little mobility issue in the left shoulder though. I bought some new irons (Calaway X-22 tour) and spent last Thursday lunch on the driving range. I won’t part with my Wilson FG-17’s, but the Calaways seem to take off hits much better … and I don’t hit the sweet spot quite regularly as I used to. (Sorry about the golf prose; please excuse an old golfer getting carried away.)

I have my next PE this coming Friday (still on the two PE’s every 6 weeks on back to back Fridays treatment protocol). But I made it relatively easily to the 5th week this time and even felt quite “back to normal” at times.

I radically changed my diet and have lost over 10 pounds … I think the diet change contributed to how I felt. So I’m sticking to it.