Update 5/24/10

May 24, 2010 at 7:35 am

My feet and lower legs are really burning and numb this morning. I have a slight low grade headache and my fingers are burning and the tips are numb in places. My right leg is not working quite right either. My legs were rather fatigued yesterday as well. Usually exercise helps. We went for a walk last night at the jetties (high tide, strong wind, BIG waves, sea weed on the beaches, but no oil). When we got back home I also did my finger exercises, grip exercises, and the physical therapy rubber band exercises they taught me to do for strengthening my ankles, feet and lower leg. I mowed the lawn and fertilized yesterday afternoon. I did feel slightly better after the activities, but this morning is rough.

This is week 7 of my plasma exchange cycle. (2 PE’s on back to back Fridays).

I am trying to extend the frequency from 6 weeks to 7 weeks, but this morning I’m thinking 7 weeks is just too long. My next PE is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but if I still feel this way tomorrow I am going to try and get in Tuesday.

Maybe this latest attack will abate by then???

Hope y’all have a blessed day …