Update 5/18/2010

May 18, 2010 at 5:10 pm

I had a PE last Friday 5/14 (5 weeks since the last one). I scheduled the next one for Friday 5/28 (that’ll make two PEs in 7 weeks … a new record for me). I hope I don’t experience any significant regression. I’ll just see how it goes.

The Miracle Mile made quite an impact on me as I’ve written in a few other posts. I’ll put the link here in case you haven’t seen the news paper article about my participation. [HTML]http://thefacts.com/your_town/brazosport/article_0387fd66-5ca6-11df-8b72-001cc4c03286.html[/HTML]

I’m feeling pretty good (hence spreading my PEs out further). I am playing golf regularly again (shooting in the 90’s … my handicap used to be 7) and getting serious about starting training for a 10K run. 😮 I’m just blessed to be able to even think about it.

We’ll I’m off to Bible Study … Community Bible Study (Revelation). Tonight’s the last night of the study, it’s been awesome. If you ever wanted to study Revelation (and believe me it’s timely), I recommend looking for a local CBS study.

May God grant us a cure for these neurological auto-immune diseases and heal us all.