Update 2/4/11 – still alive and kickin’

February 4, 2011 at 10:41 am

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted an update. I’m still on plasmapheresis treatments (two every 6 weeks on consecutive Fridays, the 5th week and the 6th week). I’m still doing quite well. I’m still exercising and lifting weights regularly. I’ve eating too much junk and my metabolism is slower, so I’ve gained weight (an extra 20 lbs). I’m doing 50 minutes on the elliptical machine and 10 minutes on the treadmill several times a week and my diet is improving so I hope the weight will continue to come off and I’ll have my girlish figure back soon.

The CIDP flared up several times during January and I probably should have gone in for my treatment on the 4th Friday, but I waited and felt crummy. I didn’t realize until after the PE just how far the numbness had progressed on my feet and hands. Even this week I’ve not recovered as quickly as usual. So the PE this afternoon is welcomed. Hopefully the numbness will repair quickly after this second PE.

We have a lot of iced roads here and getting to the hospital will be a challenge today. I’m concerned with my wife driving home afterwards; so prayers for a safe journey and that I’ll be able to drive home would be appreciated. I’m hoping our AWD Outback will make the journey uneventful and safe. But Houston drivers and ice don’t mix well. 😮

One new thing and question for y’all … I’m experiencing a lot of shoulder pain mostly in the left shoulder … I’ve dropped down on my wieights (30# curls, 240# bench) … it seems to be muscular or tendonitits and not joint … I’ve had some flexability and range of motion issues … small muscles in my shoulder are tender to the touch … certain motions are painful … my neuro says it’s tiny muscles that control rotation and urged me to drop down in weights … it came on suddenly and has been around for a couple of months … makes me think it may have a CIDP link … have any of you experience shoulder issues such as this?

May God bless you all,