Update 2/19/2010

February 19, 2010 at 9:29 am

I have a PE scheduled for this afternoon. It has been 5 weeks since my last PE. 😀 I will schedule another for next Friday. 2 treatments in 6 weeks is the longest I’ve gone since beginning on this journey. I hope to stretch it further.

But it’s definitely time for a treatment, my feet and fingers are burning. Muscles are twitching/crawling. My right leg is again the most affected as it doesn’t quite work correctly. The backs of my thighs always seem to ache and burn especially if I’ve been sitting for awhile. It sort of feels like a sunburn or rope burn, very tender.

I’ve noticed we seem to have difficulty putting what we feel into words. The sensations are not normal and it’s not easy explaining the feelings. Basically I feel pretty crummy.

I had an ocular migraine a few days ago. 😮 I felt nausea and a little disoriented and had a headache and tinnitus. The vision in the lower left corner of my left eye was missing, sort of jumbled or like looking through a Fresnel lens. It cleared within the hour, but my headache remained throughout the day.

I have been exercising regularly and it helps. I haven’t lost any muscle tone. My hair is growing back from the cellcept losses. My eyebrows are almost completely back, but the back of my head is still sparse.

Praying for you all and for a cure for this disease,