Update 12/18/09

December 18, 2008 at 12:49 pm

Thank you Jan. Prayers are being answered. And I continue to pray for you as well.

I am headed back to the Blood Center today for a PE and I will have another tomorrow. I have another scheduled for the 31st (what a way to end 2008). This is similar to the schedule I had for Thanksgiving and it went VERY well. So I’m hopeful this will see me through well into 2009.

My fingers, feet and toes are getting numb again. They are inflammed, swollen and I have the crawling sensation. The bottom of my feet have never felt completely “normal” since onset of CIDP. My ears are ringing off the chart and I have a headache. It’s time for PE…

My cold has almost run it’s course. However, I have given it to my wife. I just hope she’s over it by Christmas Eve.

2008 has been a roller coaster year. I started it out by preparing for a 10K run and barely having the energy to complete the 5K in May. At one point I could barely stand (unsteadily) on two feet, couldn’t button my own shirts and dropped my fork repeatedly at meals. Incompletely diagnosed as B-12 deficient. Positively diagnosed as CIDP. Now I’ve regained most of my lost motor function and sensory.

And I’ve met some new friends…

All in all, it has been a blessed year. Thanks be to God.