Unfortunately, CIDP DOES affect one’s sex life

January 27, 2010 at 6:31 pm

Hi Jersey,
About 3 years ago, I lost ALL feeling in the groin area.
My doctor gave me some Viagra to see if it would help–it didn’t.
I have no feeling, so I have no way to get a “hard-on”. (I don’t know if
this site will block that out, so I will do it this way–
I have no feeling, so I have no way to get a “h-a-r-d-o-n”.
If you can’t get it stiff, forget it.
However, once in a blue moon, I will at least try to satisfy my partner.
I’ve given up on myself, but at least you can still please your loved one–they shouldn’t be left out of sex, just because you “can’t get it up”.
You can still “play”, and at least show you love the one you’re with.
I personally got an indwelling catheter now about 2 years ago, so,
I definitely had to put that out of my mind, though, like I said–you can still “play”, and at least satisfy your partner.
If your partner is a female, get a dildo, (I don’t mean to be vulgar–I am just telling it like it is), and you can have all kinds of fun with her–drive her to an ultimate climax. Oral sex can still be fun, though you can’t “get off”, she still can. Sometimes, even bring in whipped cream for some added fun.

You have to keep the relationship going, even though you “don’t work right”.