Understand every single bit of

October 15, 2007 at 1:45 pm

the absolute FRUSTRATION!
While I can still ‘walk’ after a fashion, IT [the tiredness freeze] will hitme without any warning or concern about where I might be or what I try to DO.
I think that the days getting shorter is my own downfall. In the last few weeks I find I am trying to sleep my life away! Somehow sleeping [even tho my meds don’t seem to help me to ‘dream’] is the easiest way to ‘escape’.
Feeling down and beyond BLUE is an OK thing to feel…but don’t let it take you over! Turn it to something positive..those frustrations that is. It’s what you DO with what you now HAVE that is gonna count both now and in that future. Know, that YOU are NOT the only ONE!
Heaps of soft comfy HUGS to you all till this funk is over…then we’ll deal with the next one? Promise?