Unbelievable as it is…

June 11, 2009 at 9:06 pm

When I applied for my scooter–I applied to use it at work and was denied as well. The insurance said that the only reason that they can list it as medically necessary is for use inside the home and that these are the medicare rules–which they use for everyone not just those on medicare. Like people never have to go outside to grocery shop or do anything else. So, it is not just specific clueless set of people, the whole system is clueless.
You have two options. One is to apply saying that she will use it in her home. They may have someone come to make sure that her home is accessible for use in the home–wide enough doors and aisles and no steps to get into the home, etc. I went to a wheelchair clinic and got an evaluation in great detail about my medical limitations and argued hard that this was discrimination and self-serving–for the insurance to refuse to allow me to have the ability to continue to work (which I could do very well with the scooter, but not without it) and, thus, lose my insurance. I said that I would not hide the true reason I wanted it and wanted to make a statement about what is right for people with disabilities–that it is not right to have them not work just because they cannot walk the distances needed to do so.
Liz, I do not know about use in the rain. I drive my scooter in the misty rain, but it does not ever rain the way that it does in Florida. I would be really worried about driving through puddles since they scooter sits so low and the electrical system is low to the ground. I would also worry about rain that is hard enough to “stream” because it might get in the cracks of the chassis and short out the electrical system. I know my scooter has no sealant or rain protection in the steering column.