Unattended Home Infusion

December 14, 2010 at 8:47 am

Just curious if anyone else gets home infusion partially unattended.

My home infusion nurse shows up and carefully checks me, gets me hooked up and slowly raises level of infusion to max rate, checks me one more time for temp, blood pressure, heart rate etc. then takes off. When I’m done, I unhook myself and send the pump back to Hopkins by Fedex. They even give me a portable pump with a backpack and I motor around the house pretty much unimpeded.

Except for some flu like symptoms for the rest of the day and night, I tolerate the IVIG very well so I guess they feel its safe. I kind of assumed most of us were done the same way. Certainly keeps the cost down and I’m happy not to have the nurse underfoot all day.

Is this unusual?