February 23, 2010 at 2:18 pm

I think I must have been ranting a bit much! Mochacat said “Your husband needs TOUGH LOVE Stop the poor me.” Oh, this is not it at all. He is NOT having a pity party – like “oh woe is me”. He is SO upset about not being able to drive and get the girls from school, not being able to have dinner made for me when I get home (which he has tried several times – quickie things that he doesn’t have to stand over the stove for too long with), making me do all the shopping and running around. That’s why I said he was an “alpha male” – he is upset at not being able to do the things that he was doing and then watching me run around trying to do everything. He is more likely to say “I’ll do it myself” and fall on his face, then to whimper sadly and ask me to do it! Psst….and to the one who said let the housework slide – that has been the most fun part! lol

My original post was to really ask if there was any way to reassure him that it is OK. We have been married for 12 years. This is what marriage and love are – sickness and health. To me it is no big deal just make some adjustments to the way things get done. I just can’t seem to get him to see it my way. He wants to be the Man and take care of his family the way he was doing before and it hurts him not to be able to do it. He tries very hard though. We are both just a mess – he is worried because he doesn’t want me unhappy and I am worried because I know he is!

But please understand that while I was complaining and tired and frustrated with the lack of definitive information regarding GBS – my hubby really has been a sweetie! He asked me about 2-3 weeks ago, what would happen if he never recovered? I looked him dead in the face and told him “that the level of care that he was currently receiving would NOT be sustainable indefinitely!” :p