Udaman Update

July 25, 2009 at 2:27 am

The year is half way over and the hot summer season is around the corner. I got a lead to be a part time Security Guard (due to the recession, jobs are hard to come by). If I pass all the tests, get finger printed and get my guards card before the end of the year, another huge road block has been pushed aside. I’m getting much stronger (still worry about over doing it at times but some times the pain is good, it’s a muscle w/nerve damage that hasn’t been used in awhile). Sometimes I get a little lazy in rehab because the pain isn’t as intense anymore, just a slight twinge of fatigue. Just like the novel “The Scarlet Letter”, the invisible letters of “GBS” and “L” (liabilty) will always be branded on my chest but I live for a better tommorrow as another night comes to a close. Peace “+”.