U find who are your friend

April 8, 2007 at 10:56 am

when you get GBS or CIDP becouse then the one that cant watch you going down disapear like a wave, I found out very quicly who was going to stay my friend and I even got new friends while I have been in my rehab. But I lost also friends that I though would stand by my site through all. And that hurt alot, I got one friend when I was in the hospital and she has CIDP she found out 8 weeks after she got her first attack then they thought she had GBS. I find it good to talk to her about our health for we have not many to talk this too, here is no group of people that we can look for support from. I have been asked from nurses that are working at the rehab if I would like to work in the support field with people that have long term disesed. They say I have a attetuide that would help many people and want me to take a courses in thouse fields.
Though it is hard to lose a friend then in it is always a glimp of light in finding new friends as you can do on this board and in your next neighborhood is always some one that you dont know now but you will find one if you have the curage to go out and look.
I know this might seems silly but I have my thought of a actraction, if you want somthing and you think about it then it come to you.