January 4, 2008 at 1:23 pm

Hi Joe in AZ:

I have followed Tysabri, and evidently most cases of PML have been in MS or Crohn’s patients who were also taking (or had been taking recently) another immunosuppresive agent. Usually an interferon like Avonex, or maybe even something like Cellcept.

Tysabri on its own I believe has not been associated with PML.

The MS drug that intrigues me is Novantrone. It is a strong chemo that has been very effective for secondary progressive MS. My case of CIDP is pretty progressive and consistent. Novantrone is also used to treat leukemia. It can be harsh, but I’m young and becoming more open to looking into stronger alternatives that could knock this disease down. I have never seen any data regarding Novantrone’s use for CIDP.