Tyrus Chen

October 26, 2006 at 1:09 am

Tell your friend about this site and maybe she has some questions for us too! Each case is different and how it effects the patient. It does get worse before it gets better and the plasma is not a cure but will stop the progress and turn the immune system around so it starts healing slowly.

Help her with personal things. Read her mail to her and have friends send her mail. Her visit to the hospital should contain some rehab also. The hospital will get her on a routine. That will help her get rest. Let her get all the rest she can. Tell her to listen to her body. She may be sensitive to light and sounds. Vision might be effected. Weight loss is normal. Find a good book and read a chapter to her when you visit. Write letters for her so she can keep in touch and let friends know how she feels. It is nice that her family can do things for her. Offer to do things that they might not feel comfortable doing. Like a manicure or pedicure. Laundry or shopping for things that she might need. Anything you can offer that will take some stress off of her family members will also make her feel better. Our caregivers have to take care of themselves too. We rely on them for years. There is always little things we need help with.

Don’t ask too many questions. Even communication is exhausting to the GBSer. Sometimes just being there for moral support when she is being moved to another room or having tests run. I liked back rubs and my skin was very dry so I liked lotions put on my hands or just my fingers straightened out. Others could not stand to be touched it was too painful. Communicate with your friend….that is best!

Tell her we are here for her and hope to see a message from her soon!