Type of CIDP…

April 10, 2008 at 12:05 am

I was just wondering if your neuro has ever said what type of CIDP that you have. There are two kinds of CIDP: the relapsing/remitting, which tends to respond well to IVIG & Plasma Exchange, or the progressive, which tends to come on at a slower pace, but tends to be less responsive to IVIG or PE period.
I have the progressive form & was told that very early on when neither treatment did anything for me. About steroids (this includes solumedrol also), if they don’t work almost immediately, they probably won’t work at all. 100 mg daily seems to me to be an extremely large dosage, & if it isn’t doing anything for you, I would get off of them ASAP, as they can do a lot of damage, often more quickly than one realizes.