Two year anniversary…

May 11, 2007 at 10:47 am

I congratulate you on your attitude, even though your recovery is not complete. I am over 5 years out, still suffering with fatigue, need AFOs & a cane to walk, & cannot do most of what I was able to do before. I really mis my sports, but am happy that I can at least swim, go boating & up to our cabin, & still snowmobile. I have renewed my love of reading as well.

If we can find other things to substitute for those we can no longer do, it is much healthier, rather than to lament the things we have lost. All we need to do is to think about how far we have come. I understand what you mean about only 2 people “getting it”, I feel that only my daughter & husband really get it. But we can’t have our old bodies back, thus we must accept & move forward with what does work for us.