Two Questions About Lyrica

November 19, 2007 at 11:37 pm

I apologize for showing up only when I’m needy. 😮 Quite honestly, I am so void and vacant anymore, I don’t feel I have much to offer. Please forgive me.

First, my questions; then an update on my daughter.

[B]Q1: To those of you who use/used Lyrica—What was you daily dose? Did you experience increased appetite and/or weight gain?
Q2: To women who were on Lyrica WHILE they were pregnant: What dose were you on? How many times per day? What did your doctor advise you about your pregnancy while on Lyrica? How did your preganancy go? Did the Lyrica affect the fetus/child in any way? Your advice on getting pregant while on Lyrica?[/B]

I would also like to hear from Ali 1985 dx, Carolyn, Gene, Jerimy, and others who have already been verbally supportive–whether or not you have personal experience with Lyrica.

Now the update: To quickly recap, CV was diagnosed with GBS on May 11, 2007, four days after onset of symptoms. Cytomegalovirus was cited as the culprit. CV had 11 PE treatments (unresponsive), was intubated within several days, followed by a tracheostomy. A quadriplegic for 6+ weeks. Moved from an acute ICU to a long-term ICU facility in early June.

Miracle of miracles, CV improved steadily, and by all accounts, rapidly (when compared to typical GBS recovery rates). It had to be the countless prayers of people known to us and unknown, people of all denominations and walks of life. CV’s neurologist has called her a prodigy–with no medical or scientific explanation of why or how she could have progressed so far…or so fast.

On September 1, 2007, CV was released to convalesce at home. More later…