Two issues come into play here? I’ve suffered from both…

October 20, 2010 at 10:08 pm

ONE you don’t ‘want’ to take in too much liquids because that means you have to get up and hobble to well,…. you know where… with embarassing possibilities on the way to ‘where’.
TWO you likely aren’t eating enuf goodies that could help you unstop ‘things’. ergo? you are taking meds to cut the pain, [which stop one up ever so loverly,,] and where are you? I’ ve found that Fiber One cereal…the ‘original kind’? That looks like pellets? IF you use that, and soak it in milk or something else to soften it, it’s quite palatable and it takes only about 1/4 cup to sort things out without damage. IF you’re not used to it to start with try less than a 1/4 cup and work up. Lots of bulk in it.
Last year I’d had a surgery which lasted a long time, and it didn’t help continence issues at all! I’d talked w/my neuro about this? And learned that it mite have been caused by how I was positioned on the surgery table and that can cause temporary damages to nerves from being in one position too long.. It took over six months to ‘resolve’, but the key problems are no longer a ‘pressing’ problem. Besides, no one likes the idea of having to wear adult depends for months on end! It can end, if you stop worrying, plan ahead and let things heal. They can and do! If they don’t? Time for more extensive consults. Of the kind no one wants to experience, but at times, one must.
Good luck on all fronts! They are NOT FUN to go thru! Keep us up to date as to how things go.. I’m hoping for you!!!!!!!