Two delights in one day!

April 25, 2007 at 4:59 pm

About a year ago we started refurbishing our main bathroom. It has been a long and at times an unnerving (:eek: !) process. We have been able to use it since August last year, but only to-day did I pay the contractor his last bill. Now the bathroom is pretty and functional, and I’m very happy we did it, even if at times I almost regretted starting the business.

My second delight was celebrating wee William’s four week birthday. He has gained about 2 lbs. since birth, and now he is a little, perfect marzipan baby! I had him on my lap, singing softly to him while gently bouncing him on my knee, and he looked interestingly at my face, at first with wide open, dark blue eyes. After a while they narrowed more and more until he fell asleep in my hands, and when I put him up along my breast and shoulder, he went on sleeping. A blissful moment for “farmor”! A birthday picture will be published on “Farmor Allaug” when I get some mailed over from my son. He and his wife are very proud of that thread, and they look it up it now and then to check for enthusiastic comments on their 😎 offspring.

Cheryl; it’s not hard to give an enthusiastic comment on you daughter – she also looks “cool” and I’m sure she’s a nice and OK kid!