two decades and then POW!

July 2, 2010 at 3:10 pm

I had a milder case of GBS in 1986 – could still walk but slowly. Trying to run would have put me flat on my face. Pain was with it…but tolerable. TWENTY years later….2006 I got it again… only this time it put me on the floor for 5 months…too weak to stand or even crawl over the side of the tub. But no pain – possibly because I was numb! I credit my recovery and lack of pain to my B-complex vitamins which are fantastic for the nerves. I also took mega doses of vitamin C to fight off the virus which might be responsible for it.

Are you on any statins for cholesterol? They bring on many bad symptoms which people don’t realize is from the drug…pain in legs, shaking of hands and head, etc. They stop after one stops the drug but B vitamins are needed to recover from it.

I wonder how our biological clock “knows” when it is 20 years?!? If you decide to help your body with supplements, let me know and I shall tell you how to find good ones and what to avoid. ( as in don’t buy tablets but buy capsules for better absorption, make sure they are balanced with at least 50 mg in most of them, don’t buy them with yeast, etc)

Wholistically yours,