Trying to get a new type of brace

May 23, 2008 at 12:14 am

I found out yesterday about a brace that extends to my hips that can brace not only my knees but also be used as an AFO. It costs about 2000 dollars and if I can meet the criteria it should make it so I can walk. The only thing I am struggling to do though is to get my hip flexors to go to a 3rd grade. That is what is required to have this brace, as it will enable me to not only lock the knee joint but also automatically swing through as if I were moving my knee on my own. The other criteria is to have weak upper legs and have my knees not be able to hold me up due to the weeak upper legs muscles. I fit that criteria it is just getting my hip flexors to go backwards a 3rd grade. This is proving to be quite a challenge but I worked really hard yesterdy and am able to make it to a 2nd grade, my muscles there are still quite weak and the ability to lift my leg up off a bed is not quite there and so I am a little disappointed as I really want this brace as it will mean I can actually realize my goal of walking. Even if it is just a little bit still it means being able to walk.

I am hopeful to be able to improve more it just is going to take time. I just hate the fact I have to wait for this and that until I can do this one thing I am going pretty well nowhere. One of my AFO’s doesn’t even fit properly anymore as I have lost alot of weight in my legs and so I am practically swimming in it and it makes using it a challenge, whether I can get a new one is unsure because I am so close to possibly getting this other type of brace. What is the point in making a whole new brace for a short time. At least that is what I think is how long this will take. Still keeping strong and staying positive. Just got a new roommate and she has GBS as well. It is kind of funny because we are up at the same time of night because of the pain and tired all the time and sleep alot of the time. Thanks to me the nurses are letting her sleep as well when she is asleep and doesn’t wake her up needlessly. I have been able to help her out a little.

Wishing everyone all the best.