Try it, you might like it! I did …

November 26, 2011 at 9:23 am


There are risks associated with each type of treatment that is currently used for CIDP, so I read all I can about any type of treatment.

My doctor chose to start me on IVIG since his research showed him the long term benefits far outweighed possible risks. He also told me the IVIG had the least long term complications. Many have great results from the IVIG – even children. Emily’s success is one that comes to mind! I did initially – felt like my old self, working full time, gardening, out dancing 3-4 nights a week again, etc – but my CIDP became more progressive and the IVIG became less effective.

But that is my story – yours could (and probably will) be much different. I did not seek the stem cell transplant until after I gave other options a chance to work (and that is also the criteria to be accepted into the program – that conventional treatments are not working). The most excellent thing about the IVIG is that, while on it and since it boosts the immune system, I never got sick once! Not even a sniffle. And remember, my brand of IVIG was one that was recalled … but, again and as shown on the recall website, the manufacturers do stay on top of all blood products, and I have no complications from its use. It just quit working for me … so onto the next option.

Life is risk! For many, the various treatment options do place the CIDP into remission. I would think trying nothing would be a bigger risk than doing everything in your power to get it under control. I wish you great success in your pursuit of the right treatment and I pray you will feel His leading – I know I did.