try a bar of soap….what can it hurt?

August 30, 2007 at 10:37 pm

I know this is going to sound crazy but it is worth a try. I thought that our tinglings might be the same as RLS. A way to get rid of Restless Leg Syndrome is to put a bar of soap or two under the covers with you in bed. I tried it and it took away the tingling. They have no idea how it works but hundreds of people have been helped by it. I told a friend and it worked immediately that night. Plus there are no side effects!
My experience with GBS is quite different than most of the others on this post. I did not get any PT and did not stand up for four choice. I feared that when I did try, my muscles would have atrophied. But they didn’t. When My thigh muscles felt strong enough, I stood for a second holding onto a chair. Then built up the time gradually. I do not have any pain in my legs and I wonder if this is because I did not push my body until it was ready. Most people on this site swear by PT and I respect that, but I wonder if they would need the pain medications if they had waited a few months. I did get some exercise to my muscles by scooting and crawling on the floor. But this was minimal. I am now in my 11th month of recovery from GBS. I think perhaps using some of your muscles in your face would help.
As for swallowing, I used to chew my food fifty times. That helped. I also noticed that if I drank something carbonated, it helped me to swallow.