Trouble Standing UP

July 11, 2006 at 9:11 am

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the camaraderie that this forum offers. I am new to the forum and the disease. I have not responded to IVIG nor High dose Steroids. My neurologist is referring me to another at Johns Hopkins. I am awaiting an appointment. In the meantime I continue to weaken. I have the greatest difficulty backing up. I say I have two speeds slow and slower and one direction forward. I can still walk with a walker or rollator forward. It is when I try to backup that I have extreme difficulty transferring my weight from one foot to the other. It feels that all my weight is on my left leg and I can not release it. I have to push on something solid and then I can move it ever so slightly. Only last month I was in PT walking forward backward and side to side on the parallel bars. Now I can’t.

I cannot not stand up from a seated position without pushing, pulling or being assisted. I have a liftassist seat in the wheelchair(not recommended by manufactuerer). This allows me to stand in the restroom. I’ve looked at alternatives but none appeal. I like the independence of being able to go to the lavatory alone.

Norb, I’ve felt that it takes every bit of my concentration to get my legs to respond. I have difficulty when anyone touches me. All I can feel is the touch. I lose my legs and everything else. Two week ago, family and friends were constructing a ramp to allow me to get into the house. I was sitting on my rolling walker watching. I had to go, and when I tried to stand I couldn’t. My son can usually assist me by hooking an arm under mine and assist me. While he was doing this my nephew grabbed my other side and tried to help. My legs disappeared and I was dead weight. A crowd grabbed and held me up. I had no sense of my legs until I was able to get them all to let go except for my son and then even him. I retrieved the walker and returned to the house. Everyone wants to assist me and doesn’t understand when I ask them not to touch me.

thanks for sharing