May 12, 2010 at 9:00 pm

DU ~ The piece of sewing thread was so large it was huge! I haven’t encountered the waskley dust bunny yet but I know they’re out there, waiting and watching for an opportunity. I am so focused on getting from point A to point B I’ve developed super sensitive vision for the obvious, but dust bunnies lurk in hidden places and attack when least expected.

Four Words That Scare Me: Soft voice from behind… “Let me help you.” I know I going down!

Tip: Keep Everyone in front of you where you can see them. Otherwise they may mistake a little bobble and recovery as an emergency and instinctively launch into a complicated series of maneuvers they think will somehow be helpful. I view these as ‘attacks’ and find safe haven until they calm down and I can do it my way.

Exception: I almost always allow children to help. I might be contributing to the next-gen attacker/helper but it usually works out well and I thank them for asking first.