Trick to diagnosis? Rule out cardiovascular and ear issues..

January 17, 2011 at 9:32 pm

such as excess wax and varied other things. For eyes? vascular and some other issues as well.
From a potential CIDP viewpoint? This resource mite help:
It mite even be better to go to the top of the page and view the INDEX and also look at all the possible tests that can and could be done for the varied [200+] neuro issues!
I myself, didn’t discover this site until AFTER I’d gotten a diagnosis? But going thru it all? It was soo on target it still gives me goosebumps! I was very lucky that I’d gotten a neuro at Georgetown Univ. to diagnose me! And that I could do 90% of the tests nearer to home.
Ironically? In spite of my buzz interference? I can still hear better than others around me.. somehow maybe a hyper-response? Don’t know, in ways don’t want to know. Just ideally, would like that BUZZZZZ! to go AWAY!
Even Five years ago? Diagnostics of CIDP and other neuropathy issues included the hearing and vision aspects and problems with them…tho as anecdotal. Little has been documented since and they sort of keep falling off the diagnostics lists. Yet, there are, to me at least? Too many incidents of hearing and vision impairments associated with it all. Be it with other side effects [meds] or other additional immune issues we all seem to get? Dunno. But THIS does seem to be an aspect no one is connecting DOTS to?
I hope that we all find some sort of treatment that can alleviate this problem!
Hard enuf to concentrate when on meds or off and in pain. But, Keep trying! We WILL find answers and get treated right IF we just do NOT GIVE UP!
Hugs and hope!