Trick is..explaining to docs…

February 10, 2011 at 7:49 pm

with VERY SHORT ATTENTION SPANS what you’ve got in 30 to 45 seconds?
HOW short and sweet can you make it to get their ATTENTION for more time? …To explain it? DUH? I try, and you can actually SEE docs doing a ‘replay’ of their memory banks from Med School #201? The only way, say ER docs recall IT? Is IF they’ve had a patient with IT.
You’d be lucky if you get the ONE outta ten?
I keep it simpler? I’ve made up a ‘Medical History’ one page sheet that includes:
Conditions, type of condition? & Date diagnosed
Meds: Types of Meds, dosages and what for
Other not daily meds: Topicals or supplements and if needed what for
List of Docs, their specialties and phone #’s
So, say in an ER? They ask me what’s happened to you in the past or meds you’re on? Just say…ON THAT LIST..Expect me to remember ALL THAT?
As for explaining to family friends etc? I just give them the cover page from the NIH. Let them go and look it up. Obviously? IF it’s an NIH issue? It’s not the common cold?
If they bother to look it up? I usually get a big ‘OH!’, if not, I don’t worry, I tried.
Good luck and stay as well as you can!