Travel Thread

October 26, 2011 at 1:51 am

There is a travel thread that I started and it may give you some more ideas. I especially would not take my power chair on an airplane across the country. Rental at destination is the way to go. They usually deliver to you and if anything goes wrong they fix or replace. One hour layovers between flights is not enough – even using the same airline. Two hours minimum and bring a book. If possible one direct flight is best.
Handicap accessible does not mean the same to non-handicapped folks. Close is about what’s out there. If you need a chair in the tub or shower ask them to be sure it fits! I never have enough grab bars and place chairs at strategic locations in my room where I need them. Only I know the best locations for those.
Most family destination places are way up to speed on the disability thing and most people will lend hand if asked – even when not asked – that can be dangerous – been there and got that t-shirt too..
I’m most interested in travel tips and sharing experiences. So keep us posted, every bit helps. Have a great time. Thanks BT