Travel Advice

June 2, 2010 at 11:38 am


First of all, I don’t have GBS. Still got advice though.

I’ve traveled, in the past. I used a ‘travel’ doctor for my shots.

Having said that, after watching a show called “Monsters Inside Me” my own personal choice is that I’m not going to any ‘exotic’ tropical foreign land place. Period.

Here, for example, is what Mayo clinic says “…Guillain-Barre may be triggered by: …Rarely, rabies or influenza immunizations.” Of course they say a lot more, here: Please take note of the additional warning about “infection with campylobacter.”


As I recall, which ain’t much, the general advice is to avoid influenza vaccines, not all vaccines. I’m sure you can find arguments, for and against ,adnauseum on the ‘net.

One of the sources I trust, the NIH, says “…There is little evidence to support a causal association with most vaccines…” There’s way too much to quote. Read it here: [url][/url]

Good luck making your decision.

p.s. note that the NIH specifically mentions tetanus. But, they also mention “use caution and GBS” in the same article.

Out of an abundance of caution- I ain’t going. Oh, I said that….