July 24, 2008 at 10:51 am

Hi Kristen: I don’t know if you are referring to being female patient.., or my experience being treated by a female in the er.. I’m still shaking my head, as to what er doctors, actually hear or listen to.. When I went in to er admitting the 1st time I told them I was in excruciating pain (9 on a 1-10).. The er doctor (she) , evidently never bothered to read my symptoms, and at the time didn’t prescribe pain meds.. She gave me a placebo!, and sent me home.. The next day as I was going upstairs in a stretcher, she came and apologized to me… I felt bad for that dr. , and hope she learned to listen! It really has cost me in terms of my health, this mistake! deanop
p.s. What about b12? My wife’s coworkers mom, had paralysis, and b12 was the culprit? O.K..I reread the post by GaryH; sounds like a lot of us have a problem with diagnosis……