Tough times. Please don’t give up.

June 10, 2010 at 11:41 am

Hi Dave,

Whew, it’s tough to read a story such as yours. Hard to say what’s most important-

1. Fight your company, fight the insurance. Use every avenue of Appeal. Of course, they are counting on you to give up. Don’t believe a word ‘they’ tell you. Pre-existing? What does that mean? You were born with it, you had it when you fell? So many technicalities. Enlist the aid of your State Health Insurance Department.

2. Obtain a copy of your Company’s Health Plan Documents. Not the Summary, the whole deal. Find the proper ways to file written appeals.

3. In some cases, maybe most, once your short term disability (STD) is used up, you would go on Long term disability (LTD) and be required to file for SS disability anyway.

4. Refer to the GBS-CIDP web site or call them and get a referral to a ‘preferred’ provider.

Think about the two frogs who happened to jump into a pail of milk. Both frogs swam and swam. Eventually one frog gave up. He drowned. The second frog kept swimming saying over and over, “I won’t give up…” Guess what, the milk curdled, the frog hopped out!

Best wishes to you.