Totally sympathetic with your increasing frustration

July 15, 2009 at 10:01 am

I am newly allowed to post on this forum, but have been reading for more than a year…. I have CIDP – but not the typical disease course… if there is one… and have had docs tell me for years that it was from my original L4-L5 disc injury. (had two lumbar surgeries 20 years ago) It is like many docs never see outside the box. If you do not have the text book symptoms, it must not be serious enough to evaluate more carefully. I finally found a great Neuro who has given me a shred of hope, but is often difficult to reach because she works for the VA and only has a private clinic once a week. She diagnosed the CIDP when all the others just shook their heads and gave me pain pills. So keep looking for the right doc, and never, never doubt yourself! Maggie