Too much, How much?

January 10, 2008 at 10:56 am

Maybe it depends on a few issues…1- your doctor’s philosophies about using IVIG, some docs are very, very conservative in starting the use of it, and for how long. 2- your tolerances for any or all different brands of IG and lastly- 3-what your immune blood work indicated and to what degree you ultimately respond to the treatments.
It is my understanding [tho this might be dated now as this info is 3 years old-from an IV nurse] is that doctors and hospitals are each ‘allocated’ a quota of IG to prescribe as they deem fit. I do know that I’d gone from a MD office infusion situation [doctor quota] to a hospital infusion quota…then to home infusion [doctor quota, again] The hospital tried to declare that my IG dosages were the hospital’s property. Yes, you are reading this correctly.
Needless to say I got my quota thru home infusion services.
Doctors also have a wide variety of ‘philosophies’ or biases pro, con, and neutral about infusions and the amounts of doses, for how long and how much. I have to say that overall, my dose is far greater than yours, for each four weeks and I know I need what I get. At times I guess how any single person’s dose is increased or decreased depends on their individual responses-and the doctor’s biases/philosophies.
As for depression being ‘tied’ to infusions always? I view it this way: I have more quality pain-reduced days with infusions. I do watch and be Absolutely sure that I am getting the correct brand and doses tho. I found out that that ‘hospital’ used 6 different brands of IG in 8 different infusion days. I now know why I wasn’t ‘feeling’ any improvement at all! Substitutes of brands are not legal..according to the FDA. Substitutes used and not notifiying the prescribing doctor and the patient are subject to heavy fines.
Yes, depression about it all comes with the territory- not to get depressed is a worse sign of possible coping problems. Turn your viewpoint about it all around and see all the good and better things becasue of it!